Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


CRM software brings multiple functionalities—phone, email, report creation, activity tracking, automations—into one system. So instead of switching tools every few minutes, you’ll stay on one tool, get all the functionalities you need

CRM - acemero


If you are seeking to increase profitability by boosting your customer service, then you need our CRM module. With Acemero’s customer relationship management ERP, you have 100% control of your customer’s profile. It takes care of leads, opportunities and customer related issues, and you also have the added advantage of easy access to purchase history, previous transactions, as well as social media activities of your customers to facilitate an efficient customer relationship.
Our CRM ERP software avails you the opportunity for improved productivity and easy customer tracking through elimination of multiple data repetition of a single customer. There will be little or no need to employ or train an IT support, all geared towards an efficient customer relationship management.

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Including Modules

CRM modules - acemero

You can easily create proposal and you can share proposal with your client.


You can add projects and easily follow your projects. You can assign a staff member to the project.


You can easily add customers You can organize your customers


You can easily invoices and enter invocing items


Track the support requests that your customers create based on their statuses and . priorities.


You can add staff members and authorize your staff members .


You can create expenses easily, and you can track your expenses.


You can add and tracking your cash and bank accounts.


You can examine your invoice. customer, support and sales reports in detail.

Advanced Line

The timeline that you can see all operations and operation logs


You can easily manage your leads. You can add leads by source and state, and you can convert them into customers after getting .


Compatible with all screens responsive user interface .Special design for mobile and tablet screen.User friendly interface, designed for easy use .