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MLM Plans

There are diverse MLM Plans that Hybrid MLM offer.
You can choose from these plans the one that perfectly fits your network marketing business.

Binary MLM Software

Unilevel MLM Software

Matrix MLM Software

Board MLM Software

Gift MLM Software

Party MLM Software

Hybrid MLM Software

Stair MLM Software

Australian X Up MLM Software

Spillover MLM Software

Monoline MLM Software

Generation MLM Software

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Discover novel features of Hybrid MLM software that can perfectly fit into your MLM business.

mlm features
Sophisticated Payout Platform

Hybrid MLM software has a rich Ajax-based panel that
handles all payout operations like giving the current payout status withdrawal/payout requests.

Tree Algorithm

Hybrid MLM uses a premium genealogy algorithm for
tree management and traversing for efficient memory and CPU usage with a heavy user’s database.

Seamless and Flexible Configuration manager

The system can be configured as per your needs. It is possible to edit, add or remove group modules if you wish.

Other Features

Other features of Hybrid MLM software include wallet
management, rank management, feedback, e-transaction management, product management, registration fee, tax module,
FAQ management, KYC management, event management, and task management.

#1 MLM software used by many leading MLM businesses globally

We are one of the fastest-growing MLM software that provides highly secure and supportive software that helps enterprises to grow quickly

High Performance

Hybrid MLM is high-performance network marketing software.


Hybrid MLM can be easily integrated with other platforms

100% modular system

Hybrid MLM has a 100% modular system that makes it easy to navigate through features and a flexible user interface.


Hybrid MLM can be customizable to meet the requirements of the various MLM enterprises.

#1 MLM software with smart features
and advanced tools to support enterprises

Hybrid MLM software is equipped with cutting-edge technology and the most modern features to enhance your MLM business.

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Diverse MLM Plans for you to choose from

You can conveniently choose from the various MLM plans that we provide.

Binary MLM Plan

In Binary MLM Plan, one member can recruit two members to the first level. This plan follows a tree-like structure. Compensations are paid based on the performance of the weaker leg. This plan offers unlimited width and it is one of the popular MLM plans implemented by many MLM companies. Hybrid MLM software easily implements binary MLM plan.

Unilevel MLM Plan

In a Unilevel MLM Plan, a sponsor can have all his distributors in his frontline. This is another popular MLM Plan in the league of MLM plans. This plan offers unlimited width. The calculations of this plan are very simple and it is easy to implement.

Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix Plan is also called a forced Matrix Plan or Ladder Plan. This plan has members arranged like a pyramid structure in rows and columns or in specific width and depth. Some of the common Matrix MLM plans are 2*12, 3*9, 4*7, and 5*7.

Stair-Step MLM Plan

In Stair-Step plan, when a member achieves a certain point, he can cut from the upline and move up the ladder. This plan offers quick growth for the members if they achieve certain targets and they can move upward. As a member moves up in rank, he gets greater commission too.

Flower looming gift plan

Flower looming gift plan is like a rotating flower-like structure that has four levels-fire, air, earth, and water. There are four slots in the fourth level, three slots in the third, two slots in the second, and one slot in the first level. A member first enters the fourth level by giving gifts to the first level. A member rotates through each level and lastly enters the first level. When a member reaches the first level, he/she receives gifts from the fourth level members. In this plan, members can receive a quick income.

Board MLM Plan

Board Plan is also known as revolving matrix plan or matrix cycle plan. A blank board will be first given to you when you first enter the plan. You have to fill in your associates. It can have a fixed depth and width. For eg, a member can have two members to the next level, they can have two members in the next level. A total of 6 members and the cycle is complete. A board member receives compensation when the board cycle is complete.

Multi-level Marketing Add ons
Multi-level Marketing Add ons

Innovative MLM add ons to take your MLM business to the next level

E-commerce integration

E-commerce can be integrated with Hybrid MLM which has features like product management, easy communication with customers, storing all data, wallet management, etc.

Multiple language-Multiple currency system

In Hybrid MLM, multiple languages like Spanish, French, and many others are added and multiple currencies too.

Payment Gateway

Most of the payment gateways are integrated with Hybrid MLM. Some of the common payment gateways integrated with Hybrid MLM are

Support System

Hybrid MLM software has an effective support system to maintain a good rapport with customers.

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have any queries about Hybrid MLM software, its pricing, various plans, etc, do check out frequently asked question lists here:

Yes, we provide free online mlm software demo on our site, based on the plan you want.

The software is built in Laravel, PHP7, HTML 5, Jquery, and Bootstrap

Yes, the whole system provided in Hybrid MLM software is customizable which includes a compensation plan and various features. Check out the features we provide:

There are 13 compensation plans available in Hybrid MLM software.. You can check the plans here

Yes, we offer E-commerce services.

Hybrid MLM supports 20 different languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, etc.

Yes, we sign NDA and confidentiality during the agreement time. We are bound by company confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses.

Yes, Hybrid MLM is a white-label software.

You can communicate with us via:-
Skype ,Telephone ,E-mail and Instant Messenger Chat

Yes, the cost is one time. But you can complete it in 3 installments before completing the project.

Yes, it is possible and a cost will be determined based on the existing database of your system.
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